I want to keep every bag

After work project

This is the after work project for today. I pick out a bag and old handy says “I can make that.” I no longer have any doubts. After 30 years I should know better. I love every bag he makes and I want to keep them all. I will share some pictures of him working on this one, it is a small messenger bag, and it is already spoken for. I am going to make a bracelet tomorrow so stay tuned.


Camping On the Lake

It is so beautiful and peaceful camping on this lake. All of the sites are boat in private sites. The Island in the picture is one of my favorite spots but it was in use during this trip. I enjoy looking at these pictures when I need a break from the things I have to do. I just wanted to share this little piece of paradise and I hope it gives you a bit of respite when your day is hectic.

Hello World

I am very excited to introduce you to my very handy hubby and the rest of the crew here on the farm. We have projects going on in every direction. There is leather work in the dining room and forging in the garage. I have wine making on the kitchen counter and yarn begging to be used. Recently we broke ground on our newest project…a smaller house, just us, the dogs, and a few cats.

I have grown elderberries for tonic and hops for beer. I hope that you can help me learn how to use them. My newest crop is tree bamboo that I am patiently watching to see if it will really get 60 feet tall. I am hoping to add lavender next year and maybe even a haunted corn maze.

Please add any advice or suggestions you have along the way. The handy hubby has taught me to lay tile, hang sheet rock, wire a fan, fixture, or switch, do plumbing, build cabinets, and even make hats and bags. I learn from him every day and I would love to learn something new from you.